Merchant services, end-to-end encryption, secure processing


Complete and customized end-to-end merchant solutions with 24/7 customer service and support backed by high availability systems.

Two-factor authentication, secure transactions, encryption/hashing best practices


Merchants and POS developers will no longer fall under the scope of PCI and Elavon will remove their need to use a third-party payment gateway to process.

Save money, make money, earn residual income, best processing rates


With our implementation of business intelligence logic into various product reports, analyzing your costs and reviewing opportunities for savings has never been easier.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are not satisfied with our products and services, we will pay $500 towards the setup fees with the processor of your choice. We are so confident that you will enjoy the products and services with Elavon that we offer a no term contract.
We have merchant incentives - The average merchant currently pays between 2-3% to accept most card types. By prompting customers to select EMoney Mobile as their payment of choice most merchants can expect to reduce their fees by 70%.
We accept all forms of processing - Credit and debit card processing, POS check, electronic funds transfer, and ATM driving. Additionally, Elavon has created gift and loyalty platforms to assist our clients in developing and employing retention programs that are proven to increase business profitability.

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