Gift Cards

Launch a gift and loyalty program with a minimal investment

EMoney Gift Card is a gift card delivery and management solution that provides merchants the ability to send electronic gift cards directly to an email or mobile device, or to issue traditional plastic cards at the point-of-sale. The platform offers personalization at no cost and comes with full online reporting and tracking capabilities.

By enabling EMoney Gift Card, businesses are automatically provided with a custom landing page that can be used on their website to promote and sell gift cards. The landing page comes with with an end-to-end shopping cart solution to quickly enable gift card sales. It also offers the ability for the end-user to check their balance and view virtual vouchers as well as order history.

The Gift Card platform can integrate to any existing management software. Gift Card is customized to meet our merchant’s needs and budget requirements. Merchants can finally take advantage of new opportunities to increase sales, retain clients and improve brand awareness. 

Benefits & Features:
  • Increase store traffic and sales
  • Initiate gift card sales with minimal investment
  • Access reporting and analytics in real-time
  • Quick setup with ecommerce capability

Custom Design

Provide us with a logo and an image and let us do all the work! Our in-house design staff will work with you to create a card that captures your image and targets your market. The customized option allows you to enhance your professional image and helps position your brand by providing your clients with an attractive card which will serve as ongoing advertisement in their wallet. Simply email us your photo and logo to .

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