Welcome to mobile living! Merchants can now accept payments from customers using their mobile devices as their payment method. Accept our EMoney Wallet at your place of business today, or take advantage of our white labeling opportunities to create and launch your own mobile wallet. The average merchant currently pays between 2-3% to accept most card types. By prompting customers to select the mobile wallet as their payment of choice most merchants can expect fee reductions of 70%.

Merchants are also given an opportunity to generate an additional revenue stream by using their business as a referral point to sign up additional consumers to accept the mobile wallet. For each individual a business refers, they will have the opportunity to collect on all future purchases.

EMoney Wallet is the first solution that provides tremendous savings by bypassing Interchange, and will make your business money.

EMoney Wallet Advantages:
  • No phone or terminal upgrade needed
  • Secure mobile payment technology
  • No wallet needed
  • Losing your phone does not give anyone access to your account
  • Phone/PIN combination security
  • Pay businesses and other individuals instantly
  • Create loyal customers

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